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Lord knows I’m on the fence about so many things, but I’m so much more inclined to consider the arguments of people who generally aren’t assholes. 

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Why would one need counselling for a procedure that’s supposed to be no different than removing a rotten tooth.
Why would it not be an easy decision. 

Maybe because it’s not at all like removing a tooth. 

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“Purgatory is not…some kind of supra-worldly concentration camp where one is forced to undergo punishments in a more or less arbitrary fashion. Rather it is the inwardly necessary process of transformation in which a person becomes capable of Christ, capable of God [i.e., capable of full unity with Christ and God] and thus capable of unity with the whole communion of saints. Simply to look at people with any degree of realism at all is to grasp the necessity of such a process. …What actually saves is the full assent of faith. But in most of us, that basic option is buried under a great deal of wood, hay and straw. Only with difficulty can it peer out from behind the latticework of an egoism we are powerless to pull down with our own hands. Man is the recipient of the divine mercy, yet this does not exonerate him from the need to be transformed. Encounter with the Lord is this transformation. It is the fire that burns away our dross and re-forms us to be vessels of eternal joy.”

—   Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Eschatology: Death and Eternal Life (1988)

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“Women who have abortions are desperate, alone, scared, misinformed, and confused. They are told that the most UNselfish thing they can do for their baby is have an abortion. If we want to help these women, we must try to understand where they are coming from. We need to love them and have compassion. We need to try to understand their situation. The worst thing we can call a woman in that situation is selfish.”

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“No one here has reached perfection in the Christian life. We are practicing Catholics, and we will be practicing until the day we die.”

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I understand pro-choicers get upset because they want women to have control over their bodies. I also understand that pro-lifers get upset because they view a fetus as deserving of certain rights and protections. 

But when either party starts throwing around death threats/wishes, then I stop taking your argument seriously, no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

On another note, the main point of the debate is whether or not the fetus is to be considered human life. If it’s not, then the decision is a personal one, if it is, then the decision becomes a moral/ethical debate.

The above point rests on the assumption that all human life deserves to be protected in the first place. I’ve met a few people who disagree with this assumption. I’ve no clue how one empirically proves humans are entitled to equal rights by virtue of being alive, so when I encounter those people I honestly just back away slowly, nodding my head. 

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Fortunately, you don’t have to appeal to religion to argue against abortion. An embryology textbook and a philosophy handbook will do….

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